Focusing & Compositon

1.Focusing your smartphone

This is really simple, I promise and it's often a hidden trick! To focus your camera, all you need to do is tap on the screen, ensuring you select the part of the photo that you want in focus.

2.Blurry Backgrounds

This is often used to create a focal point for your photo and sometimes to get rid of a messy background, below is a great example of this.


In photography the term "rule of thirds' is very well known, this means framing your person in one third of the frame, leaving room either 'to breathe' or in business and marketing purposes for text or logos to go alongside. Sometimes it is also a great way to create a story and include context as it shows off more of the background. Please see the examples below.

A further demo and explanation on focusing and composition are included in the video below.

TIP: On an iPhone, when you tap on the screen to focus, a sun symbol will also appear, this means brightness and if you slide it up and down, you can adjust the exposure or brightness of the photo before you take it.

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